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Back From The Dead (Horizon) Full Documentaryvideosworld.comBack From The Dead

Dr Kevin Fong investigates a pioneering technique of extreme cooling that is being used to bring people back from the dead.

Full Documentaryvideosworld.comDebate - If... Drugs Were Legal


Discussion: Cannabis legalisation in the UKDiscussion: Cannabis legalisation in the UK

Extreme Embarrassing Bodies - Full Episodes Videos

Embarrassing Bodies
Dr Christian Jessen, Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Pixie McKenna take a look at patients' ailments and discuss treatment plans. aiming to de-stigmatise common complaints many people ignore than take to their GP.

NEW Embarrasing Fat Bodies

Supersize Vs Superskinny Full Episodes Videos

Supersize Vs Superskinny

Dr Christian Jessen, helps those with simple eating tasks cause problems for this lot.

The Truth about is Binge Drinking Really That Bad

Is Binge Drinking Really That Bad
Doctors and genetically identical twins Chris self test to find out if current drinking guidelines refeltct ture on the health effects..

Transplant Tales - BBC Full Documentary

Transplant Tales - BBC

Human stories behind the critical shortage of transplant organs.
1 - Staying Alive
2 - Life on the list

The Truth About Healthy Eating Food BBC Documentary EpisodesThe Truth About Healthy Eating Food
Fiona Phillips teams up with leading scientists to look at how to eat and drink to good health, and she uncovers some surprising truths.
Fast Food Babies  BBC3 DocumentaryFast Food Babies
junk food addiction is dropping alarmingly down the age ladder and we are now rearing a generation of fast food babies.
The Truth About Sugar - BBC DocumentaryThe Truth About Sugar
some of us have more of a sweet tooth than others, which sugars you can enjoy guilt-free, why there is so much sugar hidden in food.
How to prevent growing old DocumentaryHow to prevent growing old
scientists have been attempting to come up with an elixir of youth. Now remarkable discoveries are suggesting that aging is something flexible that can ultimately be manipulated.
WEED - CNN Special Investigative Report - Dr. Sanjay Gupta MD DocumentaryWEED - What You DONT KNOW
The breakthrough medical treatments now being discovered. An in-depth report on the treatment of childhood epilepsy and medicinal value
Egomania DocumentaryEgomania
What happens when an ego goes too far? Egomania journeys deep into the mind of an egomaniac. a level 9 narcissist brutally murdered both his parents.
The Virus Hunters - EVOLUTION

The Virus Hunters - EVOLUTION
a provocative new theory that suggests that all life including humans is descended from viruses.

Under the Dome – Investigating China’s SmogChai Jing's review : Under the Dome – Investigating China’s Smog - 下的圆顶。中国的烟雾调查 - 中国のスモッグ調査:アンダー·ザ·ドーム
Meths and MadnessMeth And Madness In Mexico
insanely brutal drug war, finding how the production of methamphetamine has ramped up violence and cartel activity to a terrifying level.
The Breaking Bad Meth Epidemic Crippling Rural Australia and AmericaBreaking Bad: Kids On Ice
Hell On Earth with Crystal Meth Addiction Epidemic.

Anabolic Steroids The Full effect DocumentaryThe Science of Anabolic Steroids
The Biggest Muscles in The World

Man who's Arms Exploded

Full DocumentaryJodie Marsh On Steroids
extraordinary undercover world of steroid use, finding out why people take them and the real outcomes.
Why Do We Dream - Interpretation Documentary

Why Do We Dream
The mystery of where do dreams come from? Do they have meaning? And ultimately, why do we dream?

Dental Mercury is a Toxic Heavy Metal - investigative Documentary

What's in your Mouth
Are mercury amalgam fillings in mouths contributing to ill health and Brain Function.

Conquering Childhood Can You Cure My Cancer

Conquering Childhood
Can You Cure My Cancer

Meet the patients and families dealing with childhood cancer. Huge advances in genetics are transforming our understanding of the disease and how to combat it.

Stopping HIV? The Truvada Revolution

The Truvada Revolution Stopping HIV?

A drug called Truvada is the first FDA-approved means of preventing HIV infection.

The Truth about Depression Full DocumentaryThe Truth about Depression
The stigma surrounding depression. Gain a better understanding of this illness. Examining the science behind this Misunderstood Epidemic.
Stephen Fry The Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive Full DocumentaryThe Secret Life Of The Manic Depressive
Motivated by his own personal battle, Stephen Fry sets out to explore the highs and the lows and the causes and treatments of a condition.
Madness in the Fast Lane - Swedish Sisters Full DocumentaryMadness in the Fast Lane
Why did Two Swedish sisters keep throwing themselves into traffic on the Motorway, seen by millions
Full DocumentaryA month in the life for Dementia - The Unspooling Mind - inside the world of dementia on three continents. Real Stories and so many with this.
Mental - A History of the Madhouse DocumentaryMental
A History of the Madhouse

In the post-war period, 150,000 people were hidden away in 120 of these vast Victorian institutions all across the country.
Inside Britain's Highest Security Psychiatric Hospital

Inside Britain's Highest Security Psychiatric Hospital

Broadmoore First time look

A People's History Breakfast, Lunch and DinnerClarissa Dickson Wright reveals the origins and development of breakfast, lunch and dinner Russell Brand - End the Drugs War Full DocumentaryRussell Brand
End the War on Drugs
he advocated treating addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal problem
Ebola Outbreak : The Real Truth Behind the Virus Full DocumentaryEbola : The Real Truth
FRONTLINE follows health officials tracking the deadly disease
The Incredible Hulk Woman

The Incredible Hulk Woman
mum-of-three is believed to suffer from one of the rarest neurological conditions in the world.

Growing Pains of a Teenage Genius Full DocumentaryThe Growing Pains
of a Teenage Genius

What to do when gifted Children overtake there parents.
Channel 4 Full Documentary on 40 year Old VirginsClive and Rosie are virgins and want to do something about it. So they join a radical course of sex therapy in the US. Will the sex surrogates they meet there help them to go all the way?
America's Stoned Kids and momsAmerica's Stoned Kids
Medical marijuana is legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but there are still use cases that are very controversial, like medical marijuana for children.
Living a Transgender ChildhoodLiving a Transgender Childhood
Josie is 9 years old and was born as Joey. This is her incredible story.

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