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The Sex Education Show: Am I Normal? Series 3

Latest stats in the UK show a record 41,000 teen pregnancies as well as over half of all sexually transmitted infections being in the 16 to 24-year-old age group. But a recent government bill that would have made vital aspects of sex education compulsory in schools was dropped. Teens still not only need, but want better sex education.


Episode 1

...Am I Normal? First in a 4-part series with Anna Richardson and sexual health experts giving teens across the UK upfront sex education lessons, beginning with the male anatomy.

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Episode 2

Anna and Dr Radha give teenagers live interactive lessons in female anatomy. And people with different physical disabilities tell Anna how they manage to have great sex.


Episode 3

...Am I Normal? Anna Richardson and Dr Radha Modgil are at Raines School in east London to give teens ground-breaking live anatomy lessons featuring elderly male and female models.


Episode 4

...Am I Normal? Anna Richardson and Dr Radha Modgil are at the Bourne Grammar School, Peterborough, to give teens ground-breaking lessons in sex education, with the focus on pregnancy.


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