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panorama andy coulson Phone Hacking Power, Corruption and Lies. BBC Documentary news of the world watford observer

Hacking Power, Corruption and Lies BBC Full Documentary 2014

In a Panorama Special, Robert Peston investigates the questions behind the phone hacking trial which saw David Cameron's former spokesman, Andy Coulson, convicted and three other News of the World News editors plead guilty.

Did politicians of all parties and police help to cover-up the hacking scandal for years because of their own close relationships with Rupert Murdoch's News International?



The Murdoch Empire: Phone Hacking Exposed - The Listening Post 

An interview with Nick Davies, the reporter who exposed the British phone hacking scandal.He exposed one of the biggest scandals in recent British political history. Nick Davies, the journalist who laid bare a political controversy that reached into multiple British institutions and painted a picture of a news organisation so powerful that those institutions, including parliament, police and the rest of the British media, dared not take it on.Richard Gizbert sat down with Nick Davies to discuss the story


News Of The World Scandal

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