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Untold Story of the Iraq War

Commandos, Dirty Wars and Col. James Steele

Shocking information for many!!

Col. James Steele: America's mystery man in Iraq - Full Documentary

Iraq war: 10 years on

Untold Story of the Iraq War Full documentaryvideosworld.comA 15-month investigation by the Guardian and BBC Arabic reveals how retired US colonel James Steele, a veteran of American proxy wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, played a key role in training and overseeing US-funded special police commandos who ran a network of torture centers in Iraq.


Another special forces veteran, Colonel James Coffman, worked with Steele and reported directly to General David Petraeus, who had been sent into Iraq to organize the Iraqi security services.

The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases
The Global Deployment of US Military Personnel

Chemical Secrets of the Iraq War Full documentaryvideosworld.comChemical Secrets of the Iraq War

Why The U.S. Would Keep Iraq Chemical Weapons Finds A Secret

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Chilcot Inquiry Full ReportsThe Spies Who Fooled The World + Iraq War Chilcot Inquiry
Sir John Chilcot leads the British public inquiry into the nation's role in the Iraq War.

Iraq: The Final Judgement

Bosnian War: the Death of Yugoslavia Full Documentary

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Full DocumentaryBitter Lake
2015 - History of disastrous foreign entanglements in Afghanistan that lead to Eastern Terror Wars.

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