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How smart can we get?

How Smart Can We Get? How do you get a genius brain? Is it all in the genes? Or is it hard work? Episodes include: Einstein's Brain; Mystery of the Savant Brain; What is Intelligence--; and Profile: Sian Beilock.

How do you get a genius brain? Is it all in the genes? Or is it hard work? 

Einstein's Brain - How does the anatomy of David Pogue's brain measure up to one of the greatest brains of all time? With access to rare medical slides and photographs of Einstein's brain, researchers seek out the biological roots of his genius. 

What is Intelligence-- - Is intelligence in your DNA? Or is it the product of simple practice and memory tricks? We meet scientists who are searching for the biological source of the slippery thing we call intelligence. With the latest imaging techniques, we peer inside David's mind as we map the complex neural networks that are the key to intelligence. 

Mystery of the Savant Brain - In the year 5527, what day of the week will May 1st fall on? Can't say? Try asking George Widener, and he'll immediately inform you that it's a Sunday. (And he's right.) George is a calendar-calculating savant, possessing this amazing gift since childhood. What's going on? David meets with savants and the scientists studying them in an effort to unlock one of the biggest mysteries in neuroscience. 

Profile: Sian Beilock - Whether taking the SAT, or trying to make a crucial putt on the golf green, almost everyone has choked when stress is high. Sian Beilock, cognitive psychologist and (choke-prone) competitive athlete, is discovering what happens in the brain when you choke--and how you can overcome this fear.

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