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Amazon Planet

The giant Amazon, has since its birth in the Andes to its mouth, 6868 miles, the equivalent distance between New York and Berlin. We begin our journey on Brazilian lands, Tabatinga.


We full ourselves with nature and immerse us in a beautiful and rewarding journey flying over the Amazon River. We will check that this water-flow not only carries water, also blood of men and women who inhabit the planet.


Only fifteen million years ago that this giant empties into the Atlantic. Before it traveled across the American continent, looking at Asia.


The river of thousand faces, with over 1,100 tributaries, is an arterial system by running a fifth of the world's freshwater. Contemplate the bravery of the Black River, the fourth largest in the world, and the stunning contrast of colors to blend with the Amazon River.


A paradise in which everything works perfectly. Amazon is harmonious, organized and beautiful.



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