Here's a definitive documentary about Scotland Yard's museum of criminology known as The Black Museum This was broadcast on ITV in 1988,and written and pre.

The documentary charting the development of the world's first police force from Robert Peel to the present day. Good for GCSE SHP Crime and Punishment .

Get inside the most famous police headquarters in the world. No police institution in the world captures the public imagination in quite the same way as Scot.

Documentary series filmed over the course of a year, following the officers of Britain's biggest and busiest police service as they deal with life, death, crime and its victims.
The killing by a Met officer of a young black man called Mark Duggan sparked the 2011 riots. Now an inquiry is about to decide if the killing was lawful, and Scotland Yard is anxious about renewed racial tension and more riots in London.


Episode 2 - Sex Offender - Mistaken Id Murder
Episode 3 - 17 Year old stabbed -London gangs
Episode 4 - Sex workers - Robbery - Dodgy doormen
Episode 5 - New Recruits : Infant death

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