Spitting image Series one

The unmistakably brilliant and highly entertaining send-up of British and international public figures created by Peter Fluck and Roger Law contains some of the show’s most memorable characters in a veritable comedy feast where no one is safe from ridicule irrespective of political colours and neither social nor celebrity status. All of the show’s early star puppets are here.

On the political front there is Margaret Thatcher as an autocratic he-she; there’s US President with no brains Ronald Reagan; the lecherous serial cad Cecil Parkinson; senile lefty Michael Foot; the literally mouth-watering Roy Hattersley; Red Ken - gnewts and all; SS-like Norman Tebbit plus the hysterical pairing of Liberal politicians David Owen with the bed-wetting David Steel in his pocket. Regal victims include a raving mad Queen Elizabeth; Prince Phillip as a blundering buffoon; a wickedly wet Prince Charles and Sloaney Princess Diana; and a gin sodden Queen Mother to lift your spirits. Figures from the world of entertainment that are lampooned include Paul Daniels and his pet wig, Steve ‘interesting’ Davis, Frank Bruno and Leonard Nimoy with his wiggly ears. International figures given the Spitting Image makeover include P.W. Botha (President of South Africa), Mikhail Gorbachev and Colonel Gaddafi.

Hope you like :)