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AI Robots reaching a scary new reality

Metal head AI robots reaching a scary new reality

The 5ft 11in tall machine has come along way since it was on the news last.


Meet th New Atlas, The Next Generation..

New Humaoid and Robot Dogs make advances running and hunting


Boston Dynamics were working on the four legged variety, named 'SpotMini'

Which has also come ahead leads and bounds, mainly in it's ergonomic design.



Black Mirror Metalhead

post-apocalyptic future where robot dogs are hunting human survivors


CHARLIE BROOKER: That’s actually scarily correct. It was from watching Boston Dynamics videos, but crossed with — have you seen the film All Is Lost? I wanted to do a story where there was almost no dialogue. And with those videos, there’s something very creepy watching them where they get knocked over, and they look sort of pathetic laying there, but then they slowly manage to get back up.


Things have moved forward at an impressive pace.

Sophia the female AI humanoid can wave arms but can not run.. yet..


USA Building Real Terminators


Future Military Robot Warriors Technologies Full Documentary

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